Prim [adjective]

Definition of Prim:

particular, fussy

Opposite/Antonyms of Prim:

Sentence/Example of Prim:

But it was at the other that he gazed even as he returned Betty's prim little bow.

It was broad daylight, and the door leading into the prim little hall was ajar.

The one servant of the house waited at table, prim, sedate, formal.

That would account for the big yarns he tells Prim about Africa and such.

And the prim and practical matron grew more and more fond of her.

Her voice was prim and very Scotch, and gave no hint of all she had been thinking.

The movement was prim to the verge of comedy, but it was plain that she meant to be chilly with him.

I do look awfully little-girly and prim in most of my clothes.

"You were very fortunate," said Miss Carter, speaking in a prim voice.

But that Lucy—you know that prim thing, the daughter of the Professor and Mrs. Merriman?