Prissy [adjective]

Definition of Prissy:

particular and fussy

Synonyms of Prissy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prissy:

Sentence/Example of Prissy:

The woman was, as Prissy had assured Abram, “tickled to pieces.”

I'll not deny that Prissy and I were wondering at your absence.

We were going upstairs, Prissy and I; the girl had been in bed for an hour.

For look you, Prissy, an' it were not true, it would be a lie.

It had77 never occurred to them as possible to keep anything from Prissy.

Prissy rose, and Esther was glad to escape with her into the garden.

Would these boys let her keep them in order as Bertie was kept by Prissy and Milly?

“Prissy,” she whispered, a little later, bending over the child.

“It was sweet of you to take care of things, Prissy dear,” she said.

The work here is very easy, and Prissy is getting to be quite a help.