Shipshape [adjective]

Definition of Shipshape:


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Sentence/Example of Shipshape:

The room, seen by the lamplight, was shiplike, but as decidedly not shipshape.

"What I like about that is the shipshape way she puts it," commented Captain Perez.

Now we're all taut and shipshape and nobody can get aboard to interrupt.

When you and I have that talk that's comin' to us we want to be shipshape and on an even keel.

The crew, glad to have the cutter clean once more, had made all shipshape.

Overhaul them well and see that everything is taut and shipshape.

I don't want any wages, young sirs, but I want to be signed on all shipshape.

"I guess you'll find the place all shipshape," said the driver, as they set off.

Everything within the cannery was shipshape to handle a big run.

Everything was going to be shipshape for Midwinter Eve; I could see that.