Choosy [adjective]

Definition of Choosy:

fussy, discriminating

Synonyms of Choosy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Choosy:

Sentence/Example of Choosy:

Now there are two people looking for work for every job opening—so employers are going to be choosy about who they’re hiring.

His appetite is more picky-and-choosy than it used to be; and by these signs I can tell something is on his mind a-preying.

However, the girls were choosy and not all soldiers were welcomed.

Domestic firms face much less competition, on the one hand, and less choosy clients, on the other hand.

Still and all, after you been warmin' the extra bench for a month one can't be choosy.

The effect was rather rough-dried, but we were not in a position to be choosy.

And as long as they performed their duties, I couldn't be choosy on an old ship like this.

Possibly she was so choosy in order to heighten her importance.