Nifty [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Nifty:

Gad, that rose in your hair—trust a girl to know what's nifty!

In a moment I had it girdled, and snapped the nifty sort of buckle they had made for me.

She carries that sort of thing well—she's so clean and nifty in line.

I suppose a mountain climber would have called it a nifty job.

It's part of my job to be a nifty young suspector—and to use what I guess at.

"That's a nifty outdoor suit you've on," he said, admiringly.

Yous can't run in dat kind of a play on Nifty Perkins an' make it stick.

Quite a nifty little 'idin'-place 'twould be fer any one, but as safe as 'ouses in the daylight.

She certainly was a nifty craft—about three hundred feet long, almost as big as a destroyer, and graceful as a swan in the water.

Why, say, proceeded the man as they got inside, I had no idea you could fix this place up so nifty.