Clever [adjective]

Definition of Clever:

bright, ingenious

Opposite/Antonyms of Clever:

Sentence/Example of Clever:

Often, they include several pages of straightforward cooking advice, clever and common ingredient substitutions, and measurement conversions.

There are so many things to love about the Surface Duo, from the “dropped in from the future” looks and smooth feel to the clever hinges and the new split-screen app mode.

Zhong’s clever marketing is also a factor in Nongfu’s success.

The question he directed at me was my cue, and in the back of the limousine I’d spent some time thinking about clever and unexpected answers to a million different questions about Avatar, although perhaps not this particular one.

He’s very good at finding clever ways of encoding problems as SAT problems.

“Just like humans, some dogs are more clever than others,” observes Dominique Grandjean.

Genius used a clever “watermarking” strategy to catch LyricFind and Google allegedly stealing lyrics “red-handed.”

Maynard’s adaptation of his method to this new scenario “was one of the cleverest tricks I’ve ever seen in number theory,” Granville said.

Our point of view is that actually you can make this task much easier, but you have to be a little bit more clever and a little bit more flexible about the way you’re building these systems.

Climate scientists had to be clever to come up with a real-time number.