Nimble [adjective]

Definition of Nimble:

dexterous, smart

Synonyms of Nimble:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nimble:

Sentence/Example of Nimble:

She longed to give it to Nimble Dick; he had saved her from so much this morning.

When had Nimble Dick lost an opportunity for fun at the expense of another?

This from the leader, who in time came to be known as "Nimble Dick."

Her face was so distressed that Linda's nimble brain flew to a conclusion.

He was at that time slender, nimble, and full of youthful ardour.

Hermod, called the nimble, an older brother of Baldur, said he would go.

But nimble Mr. Trenchard was easily master of the situation.

You will have about you faithful lieges, willing subjects, nimble servitors.

One cannot help liking the rogue, although he is as nimble with his fingers as with his tongue.

Nimble cried in reply, “Behold, how agile and entertaining I am!”