Lithe [adjective]

Definition of Lithe:

flexible, graceful and slender

Synonyms of Lithe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lithe:







Sentence/Example of Lithe:

Of course the lithe and active Susy escaped him, and also escaped being too late by only half a minute.

Along the corridor he went with a lithe, silent step, moving from the hips and swinging his shoulders.

Clip, by a quick movement of his lithe body, caught the man's wrist and held the weapon back.

Peter, as lithe as a cat, was on his feet again almost at once, with a torn collar and an ugly mark on his face.

The animals are quite as large as ordinary horses, are lithe, active, and literally unhurtable.

The full-length picture of her included a streamlined, full-blossomed and yet delectably lithe body.

But as the words came, Mary saw the Arab's eyes set in a glassy stare; the lithe form fell heavily.

Quick, nervous, and lithe in his movements, the natural petulance of his disposition manifested itself in his every gesture.

Dressed in filmy white, her beautiful body, lovely hair, long lithe limbs would have bound any man to her through eternity.

He felt that there were lithe forms stealing along behind the flower-beds.