Agile [adjective]

Definition of Agile:

physically or mentally nimble, deft

Synonyms of Agile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Agile:

Sentence/Example of Agile:

Those in position to be agile and focused on getting in front of the most current opportunities in search will win the clicks—and the lion’s share of new business.

We’re also proud of our heritage but we can be agile and evolve, and we have.

For years, agency executives and marketers have used “agile” and “nimble” as buzzwords to set themselves up as modern and differentiated.

On top of that, companies are now challenged to ensure that their organization is agile, responsive, and nimble and in these tumultuous times.

Marketers need to craft campaigns that are affordable, cost-effective and agile – and that means paid search.

In the face of such uncertainty, one thing is for sure, companies need to get in position to gather and analyze data quickly—to be agile and respond to whatever twists and turns Coronavirus throws our way next.

Similar to their eastern ghulam counterparts, they mainly served as horse archers with a penchant for focused volleys, as opposed to the agile and light Turkic horse archers.

If a merry dance is produced by the agile bow, its sympathetic tones at once excite a corresponding feeling.

One was a little wizened man who seemed, for all his apparent age, extremely agile.

They bounded through the tall herbage "like grasshoppers" and were remarkably agile in climbing.