Zippy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Zippy:

I was still chewin' over that zippy roast Aunty had handed me.

Course, it's me with my heels together doin' the zippy salute.

Nothing like a good serial to keep a fellow young and zippy.

But do you think that the big man Harvey really is our Zippy's father?

Zippy was not always so wicked as this, even after he had to be chained up; but he was very mischievous.

She's gone the limit—khaki riding pants, leather leggins and a zippy cloth cap cut on the overseas pattern.

The roof garden girl-show that we went to afterwards was a zippy performance, after it's kind.

Also when it comes to light and frivolous chat Mirabelle is right there with the zippy patter.

Wa'n't such a bad looker, you know, in her other rig; but in this zippy regalia—well, I got to admit that she's some ripe pippin.