Dynamic [adjective]

Definition of Dynamic:

active, vital

Opposite/Antonyms of Dynamic:

Sentence/Example of Dynamic:

Republicans benefit from similar dynamics in states across the country.

These are modest changes but mirror dynamic and changing consumer behavior in the market.

Because of that dynamic, you’re going to see just dramatic change in the industry.

In more traditional workplaces, this power dynamic is still there.

Still, when taking into account search volumes, year over year trends that influence the past data, and dynamic changing CTRs, you show much work and thought goes into the process.

If your content management system generates a lot of dynamic URLs, they’ll eventually lead to one and the same page.

While this dynamic opens up startups to more investment opportunities, venture capital firms that focus on a specific region are in a thornier spot.

When you associate a dynamic remarketing list with a Shopping campaign, you can retarget visitors to your site with Shopping ads of the products they viewed.

Now, the pandemic is disrupting the consumption of khat, a regional economy worth millions of dollars, and also reshaping family dynamics.

To explore Stonehenge’s sound dynamics, acoustical engineer Trevor Cox and colleagues used laser scans of the site and archaeological evidence to construct a physical model one-twelfth the size of the actual monument.