Electric [adjective]

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No past mission has measured electric fields, nor will any of the three missions launched in 2020.

This technology adds an electric charge to particles, which makes them stick to surfaces instead of floating airborne.

General Motors’ beaten-down stock price could triple if the carmaker spins off its burgeoning electric-vehicle business, according to a Wall Street analyst.

The SPAC public listing method has already been used this year by electric-vehicle startups Nikola and Fisker.

Then the star’s center gets so hot that protons — tiny particles, each with a positive electric charge — hit each other and stick together.

In 2010 only 17,000 electric vehicles were on the world’s roads.

Many experts expect a global shift to battery electric vehicles over the next decade or two, and Tesla is leading that revolution.

This 2,000-acre multi-use development includes 7,500 all-electric houses, 2 million square feet of commercial space, two schools, and a 600-acre park.

Batteries make an electric current through chemical reactions.

Biologists used to think there was only one species of electric eel, Electrophorus electricus.