Electrical [adjective]

Definition of Electrical:

made or done by a machine

Synonyms of Electrical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Electrical:

Sentence/Example of Electrical:

Although there are thin electrical wires running through the vest, the voltage is so low that there is no risk of electrocution.

A good pair of gloves doesn’t only keep out the heat, it also resists infrared and ultraviolet radiation, as well as electrical shock.

The tiny electrical zap generated behavior eerily similar to the brain’s mechanics.

Sometimes brain activity has no regularity and instead looks more like electrical noise.

The fire appeared to be accidental and is believed to have been caused by an electrical problem, according to Montgomery County Fire officials.

One way touch screen use on gloves is made possible is by making the fingertips out of a conductive material, which absorbs electrical currents.

Even weirder, the same neurons sparked with electrical activity when the monkey heard someone else performing the task in another room.

At times in the 1990s, these snakes caused one electrical outage once every four days or so.

Once information was transmitted by electrical pulses, it was exposed to the world.

Some of the developers of DNA vaccines, including Inovio, tried to facilitate the delivery into human cells through a method called electroporation, which delivers electrical shock pulses to the patient at the site of the injection.