Charged [adjective]

Definition of Charged:

bought but not paid for

Synonyms of Charged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Charged:


Sentence/Example of Charged:

For several months he remained under a political cloud, charged with incompetency to quell the Philippine Rebellion.

The engineer officer charged with preparing the line of retreat reported that the one bridge across the Elster was not sufficient.

In the remembrance of them her expression and her attitude became charged with more definite meaning.

No guilt was charged against any one, although the wounded man said that he conjectured that it was Captain Silvestre de Aybar.

Black Sheep was sent to the drawing-room and charged into a solid tea-table laden with china.

Fixing bayonets and leaving the sergeant dead in the doorway, they charged again into the mass of the enemy.

It was a curious moment, charged with a subtle perplexity of emotions none of them quite understood.

Several times she turned and charged, but never in any ease did she run more than a hundred yards.

In a trial in the King's Bench, Mr. Erskine, counsel for the defendant, was charged by his opponent with traveling out of his way.

In 1851 she visited Birmingham and was a welcome guest until "someone blundered" and charged her with being an impostor.