Rousing [adjective]

Definition of Rousing:


Synonyms of Rousing:

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Sentence/Example of Rousing:

The boy, rousing for an instant, would lapse again into stupor.

As she left for her state-room, a rousing cheer was heard from on deck.

He was rousing the dissenters against the Church school of the estate.

It is not only the existence of war that is rousing the conscience.

She was on the point of rousing Etienne and of carrying him there in her arms.

The mere thought of his being that had ended by rousing her sympathies!

Then, 'fore Hammond could stop her, she run for him and give him a rousing big hug.

"Some other course must be found," cried the King, rousing himself.

“I am before my time,” she confessed simply, rousing herself.

She ate a rousing breakfast and was especially pleased with the coffee.