Chirpy [adjective]

Definition of Chirpy:

laughing, joyful

Synonyms of Chirpy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chirpy:

Sentence/Example of Chirpy:

Sir Leo Chiozza Money is ordinarily a chirpy little person, quite able to take care of himself.

Chirpy Cricket said that it was all very interesting to hear about.

“An unpleasant idea has just come into my head,” Chirpy told him.

If the truth were known, Chirpy Cricket wished that he had a light of his own.

But of course Chirpy was too polite to tell that to his cousin.

Chirpy Cricket lost no time in getting his own fiddle to working.

He explained to Chirpy that it was easy to dig in the garden, because its soil was loose.

But if Tommy paid no heed to Chirpy, there was a reason why.

“Perhaps you play some instrument yourself,” Chirpy observed.

But there came a day when Chirpy Cricket awoke with a great start.