Unamusing [adjective]

Definition of Unamusing:

crucial, weighty

Opposite/Antonyms of Unamusing:

Sentence/Example of Unamusing:

Oh, just some vague, cautious slosh, not unamusing in its way—it'll get there all right.

You have no society there, and here you have some—unamusing and tedious though it may be.

But though Fanny might forgive, she must have found it unamusing to forget.

A microscopic, but not unamusing, social life was in full swing.

A commercial courtship, as you express it, is not unamusing.

But if the controversy be unamusing, it shall, at least as far as I can render it so, be brief.

The song began—a long and unamusing ditty, topical in its points.

It would be no unamusing task for an antiquary with human instincts to dig and delve until he had re-peopled every residence.

And here was Wickwire himself, condemned to the dreariest fate ever devised by unamusing devils.

It is not unamusing, but scarcely first-class, the two political skits at the end being about the best part of it.