Sobering [adjective]

Definition of Sobering:

crucial, weighty

Opposite/Antonyms of Sobering:

Sentence/Example of Sobering:

Such inelastic lessons, given time to soak in, were sobering.

He was even able to indulge himself in a quiet, sobering grin at his own folly.

This sobering blow which had fallen on it had probably not come before it was needed.

Helen, too, noted the effect in his sobering eyes, and was resentfully glad.

Gregory nodded bleakly, sobering at once, and swallowed the pellet.

Molly admitted the sobering truth, and the other pinched her lip.

He'll be drunk for three days, sobering three days, and straight the seventh.

"Say," he went on, a moment later, with a sobering of his happy eyes.

The question comes upon the assassin with a sobering effect.

“Advancing years; the sobering effects of experience,” Hadria explained.