Menacing [adjective]

Definition of Menacing:

intimidating, ominous

Synonyms of Menacing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Menacing:

Sentence/Example of Menacing:

There was a little pause, and the father stood rigid, menacing.

To the north lies Thunder Mountain, wall-sided and menacing.

"You won't do anything of the kind," said Chip, quietly—too quietly not to be menacing.

Clouds, heavy and menacing, already shrouded the whole west.

In spite of the menacing hand, the voice inspired confidence.

For a moment they remained there, on their knees, menacing each other.

What a flood of memories, horrid, menacing, that name evoked!

She was painfully impressed by the obscurity of the night—sinister, menacing.

Then they remained for a moment confronting each other, mute and menacing.

He was standing over the form of the maniac, rigid and menacing.