Trivial [adjective]

Definition of Trivial:

not important

Opposite/Antonyms of Trivial:

Sentence/Example of Trivial:

You've made me your butt, your fool, your doer of trivial offices.

He was a gentleman, but the trivial fact is of small avail to-day.

And at least it was not a trivial view, nor an ill meant one.

His tone was as level as if he were discussing some trivial matter.

On Mike's face was a map of disaster; the disaster might be trivial or great.

What had seemed so real to him then he feared to-day to face, as trivial and weak.

The subjects were trivial in themselves, and repeated endlessly.

My smallest action, my most trivial habit, was familiar to them.

Grant laid a finger upon his arm and drawled his solution of a trivial mystery.

But the loss of her mother was to Hetty a trivial one, in comparison with the loss of her father.