Vanishing [adjective]

Definition of Vanishing:


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Sentence/Example of Vanishing:

Light seemed to be vanishing from the universe, leaving them alone with the sea.

It was merely a semblance, which effaced itself; the vanishing of an illusion.

I got there just in time to see him vanishing in the bushes.

And then she went off, vanishing down the passage as light, as ethereal, as a shadow.

He shut his eyes on the vanishing scene: he opened them upon her.

In that boat, now vanishing upon the sea, the dead man held an oar.

Brightness of colour was vanishing; each work seemed to show a decline.

John looked upon her going as a vanishing from sight merely.

Can the thing beauty be vanishing away from us while the words are yet in our mouths?

Then they passed from me to the vanishing Jeanneton, and methought that she was about to call her back.