Going [adjective]

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The airport said in its release that tests will cost between $130 and $150, although the going price is $149 on Wellness 4 Humanity’s site.

When the going got tough you pulled on through and helped others to live.

Thanks to the double whammy of holiday feasting and pandemic-related pounds, New Year’s resolutions to get into shape were extra-big going into 2021.

From enterprise-wide announcements to award ceremonies, sharing snippets of events in the form of live stories is a tremendously useful way to showcase the goings-on at your company.

When the going’s been tough and the outlook is bleak, it helps to look back at past challenges as a reminder of how far we’ve come.

“While it’s not six weeks of work, it’s a way to say you’re important, you matter, we want to keep this going,” says Tetreault.

He’ll suggests that he’ll also be spending a lot more time thinking about the going-public process, now that many choices are on the table in addition to traditional IPOs.

A lot of producers are just like, “OK let’s get this going, all right that’s great on to the next one.”

“Both groups were doing fine but seeing the opportunity to help the park during what is going to be its hour of need was really a driving force in getting this going,” Evans said.

That it is a reasonable and proper thing to ask our statesmen and politicians: what is going to happen to the world?