Rolling [adjective]

Definition of Rolling:


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Sentence/Example of Rolling:

Mist, mist, rolling mist with a square black tower above it.

And when he had told her all, she sat silent, rolling her handkerchief in her fingers.

The shape of the bar presents no difficulties in the way of rolling.

"Been rolling that to the top of the mountain," he said lightly.

At the rate the rigs are rolling in, it'll take us all to put up the teams.

The 'bus was now rolling over London Bridge, and the Cathedral could not be seen.

But rolling to the feast on the top of the omnibus the Professor lost his high spirits.

"I am stifling," said the dying man, rolling round his ghastly eyes.

The boy paused, rolling an embarrassed eye up at the stranger.

They had now been rolling on, ever rolling on for nearly four hours.