Resounding [adjective]

Definition of Resounding:


Opposite/Antonyms of Resounding:

Sentence/Example of Resounding:

In the distance there were attacks upon walls, and we could hear the resounding shocks.

And seizing her in his arms he picked her up and gave her a resounding kiss.

The key grated in the lock, and Crispin answered it with a resounding snore.

I hit the deck with a resounding thud, and the cane came clattering after.

At that instant a dull but resounding thump was heard on the roof overhead.

A resounding “chirrup” and the weary beasts strained at their neck-yoke.

Hurras and hellos were resounding off on every side and corner of the steamer.

He spoke ever of his dear Viennese, and their resounding city.

The hard, resounding clash of his heels on the rock underfoot stopped.

He drained the bottle; then hurled it into the garbage pail with a resounding crash.