Thunderous [adjective]

Definition of Thunderous:


Synonyms of Thunderous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thunderous:


Sentence/Example of Thunderous:

There was a thunderous noise outside, such as the waves make in a cave.

On the instant there was the thunderous crashing of a weapon.

Above that hung a mighty, thunderous pall of purple storm-cloud.

Even as he spoke there was a thunderous crackling and roaring.

It passed with a cloud of dust and a rumble which was thunderous.

She hears from the bleachers a thunderous roar, and thinks it announces his fate.

Suddenly the sound of the cannonade was deadened by a thunderous roar.

His dirk was drawn and his face was thunderous as he took a step forward and spoke.

He paused at just the right times for thunderous peals of applause.

What Roman could doubt that the voice of victory spoke in the thunderous response!