Deafening [adjective]

Definition of Deafening:

very loud

Synonyms of Deafening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deafening:



Sentence/Example of Deafening:

It also pledged to review the “Arrowhead Chop” that accompanies the deafening war chant that echoes through the stands of the notoriously loud venue.

Instead of the quiet, silent scholars, you would hear a loud and deafening buzz.

The Koreans call this noise kang-siong, and it seems almost deafening to one unused to it.

And then the Monitor's deafening hammer sounded again, and after that, silence.

The creature kept up a deafening squealing, while out of the bush rushed Dandy, the farmers dog.

A deafening crash of thunder fell upon the forest and the lightning was striking trees far and near.

Suddenly, there was a bark followed by a deafening roar and then the thud of a leaping body falling on the ground.

The ship levelled off; the ball was thrust forward, and the thunder from the stern was deafening despite their insulated walls.

A deafening chorus of howls burst from the woods opposite the cabins, and a volley of bullets rained among the settlers.

But a deafening peal of thunder cut short the sentence of the phlegmatic prince lecturing the royal spouse.