Unmovable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unmovable:

Lydia looked the unmovable obstinacy she felt stiffening every fibre of her.

Months were spent in negotiations, but the States General were unmovable.

He founded his teachings on them and was therefore firm and unmovable in the same.

I would have said quicksilver, had it not been fixed, malleable, and unmovable.

If we are to be 'steadfast, unmovable,' we can only be so when our feet are shod with the preparedness of the Gospel of peace.

From that hour the general was a strong, unmovable friend and backer of the Temple enterprise.

In the wet, clayey soil of the drain our limbs had long become stiff and unmovable.

Against such professional advice, Mary Fogarty had set her big foot with an unmovable firmness.

About six years ago I moved into a smaller house in London, and I burnt a great many of my earlier diaries as unmovable rubbish.

But the Confederate Congress was unmoved and unmovable upon this subject.