Immovable [adjective]

Definition of Immovable:

fixed, stubborn

Opposite/Antonyms of Immovable:

Sentence/Example of Immovable:

We’re used to thinking about unstoppable offenses or immovable defenses, but this Alabama team can do it all.

They were an immovable object for the first half of Saban’s tenure that has morphed into an unstoppable force.

But the grip was immovable, and he found himself staring into the unemotional face of Seton Pasha.

For a full hour he sat there immovable as a statue, reflecting, ever recalling the details of those events.

Sara Lee, breathless and terrified, stood close to a cabin door and remained immovable.

The youngsters can not remain immovable, and the effort to make them do so is irritating to no purpose.

David, terrified, lifted the half-closed eyelid of the youth: his eye was immovable, dull and glassy.

The two immovable members of the court exchanged looks, and threw an inquisitive glance at the prisoner.

But he stood immovable, with his tin jaws half parted and his tin eyes turned upward.

He was parried with immovable good humour; and the others came to his aid; some with arguments, some with questions.