Unfixed [adjective]

Definition of Unfixed:

countless, limitless

Synonyms of Unfixed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfixed:

Sentence/Example of Unfixed:

I can only say that in any case it is of the kind that floats and is unfixed.

Flood the unfixed film with stain, allow it to act 30 seconds.

Their figures, unfixed in the abyss, have been shifted like errant sands of Earth.

He was still as unsure and unfixed as when he had married himself.

But they did not see things to burn everywhere, because their minds were unfixed.

The Baroness had listened to all this with folded hands and unfixed eyes.

The unfixed smear is covered with the stain for four or five seconds.

But not a tint of his thoughts is unfixed; they beam along the walls as fresh as ever.

You were as a death-sentence to me, the hour of which was unfixed.

The Spiritual world is fixed in its essence and unfixed in its faculties.