Inestimable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inestimable:

Montague scornfully thanked them for the inestimable service which they had done him.

Well knowing the inestimable value of the grace conferred upon her, she guarded it with the greatest care.

The only possible return for something of inestimable value is an offering likewise beyond price.

The necessary association of the two classes, will prove of inestimable benefit to each.

His foresight and prudence in this matter were of inestimable value, as will be seen in the ensuing chapter.

They left also many articles, which were of inestimable value, during our long imprisonment.

The value to humanity of these two sciences is now established as inestimable.

His intimacy with the Countess G—— has been of inestimable benefit to him.

Tutors I could get by shoals, but a fellow-dunce is inestimable.'

The inestimable mercy of God is sufficiently set forth by the fact that His Son was born of a woman.