Valuable [adjective]

Definition of Valuable:

very important; priceless

Synonyms of Valuable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Valuable:

Sentence/Example of Valuable:

They are valuable, but he can do but common things with them because he knows not their possibilities.

Since that time thousands have been added to this valuable collection.

Pears are most valuable when they are canned and used for sauce.

They will then prove not only valuable, but entirely unharmful.

What characteristics of cereals make them valuable in the diet?

A very great writer; and—to my thinking—the most valuable our age possesses.

All are valuable in an election, and a few of them are honest.

The pin had been among the most valuable and cherished of his belongings.

"I am waking up these boys for 1872," writes the valuable phenomenon.

The first kind of people are People; they are the largest and probably the most valuable class.