Collectible [adjective]

Definition of Collectible:

precious, irreplaceable

Synonyms of Collectible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Collectible:

Sentence/Example of Collectible:

In case of whipping the amount of damages collectible from the county was $1000.

Elim had some arrears of pay, but now he seriously doubted whether they were collectible.

January 30, 1864, the tax was increased to two cents a pound, collectible on all cotton coming from the Confederate States.

The balance outstanding at the close of 1900 was $75,014, and of this a considerable part was collectible.

Of this amount about $25,000 covered accounts not included in their estimate of collectible indebtedness.

Pensions are collectible even if a person continues working.

Dic went out on "a" in place of "i" in collectible, Sukey turning him down.

The satisfaction she felt in unbosoming herself was her only reward, for the note remained collectible on demand.