Expensive [adjective]

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This is why affiliate businesses and licensing deals with manufacturers who can make and distribute the products on their own are often times the most appealing and less expensive routes for publishers, she said.

Many consumers, though, viewed it as a ploy to boost sales of newer and more expensive iPhones.

What Blink Health set out to do, as Fortune has previously reported, is bypass the middlemen who make drugs more expensive.

Pharma companies favor expensive medicines that must be taken repeatedly and generate revenue for years or decades.

Well, first and foremost, it’s more expensive to design sustainably and it’s more expensive to design so that there isn’t an obvious loser in the situation.

Air purifiers are expensive relative to some other solutions—improved ventilation, for instance, can be as simple as opening a few windows.

Liu said that the cost is “not very high,” but, in fact, it’s significantly more expensive than the projected prices of its peers.

If you are calling after hours, it’s a long wait until the morning or an expensive emergency after-hours charge.

If the USPS delays persist — or if the agency raises its prices — it could force e-commerce business to instead use a more expensive competing service in order to offer the fast delivery that customers have come to expect.

Namely, one of its most expensive collections is now one of its best selling.