Costly [adjective]

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And the absence of paper and so forth, rendering notebooks costly and rare, made a large amount of memorizing necessary.

Not one of the early electric actions proved either quick or reliable, and all were costly to install and maintain.

This sum probably included the costly buildings required for the beam-engines, which Trevithick's plan dispensed with.

In Europe they are made of the most costly materials, and studded with the rarest gems.

In Parliament, where of course the old costly fashions have long been out of vogue, the change is equally noticeable.

Fine tobacco leaves can be manufactured as well as fine broadcloth or costly silks.

However, each day that passes, these captured positions get better dug in, and make the Turks' counter-attack more costly.

His jaw hardened, and his glance sought the white hand upon which the costly gems glittered.

He thought her a charming picture in her long white coat, with a lace scarf over her head, and her arms full of costly toys.

A Natch often costs several thousand rupees, and is one of the most costly items in the expenditure of the rich.