Plush [adjective]

Definition of Plush:

luxurious, rich

Synonyms of Plush:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plush:

Sentence/Example of Plush:

It might have been the parlor of the White Springs Hotel in duplicate, plush self-rocker and all.

He shaved me without a pull, and my face ain't no plush sofy, neither.

Then he drew in his head, and concealed himself behind the plush portière.

"I have to get some money," he said, laying the plush case on the counter.

It smacked of colonial age, but not of Boston style or plush curtains.

To the right of the window was a door covered with a plush curtain.

He wore a Balmacaan of Scotch tweed and carried a round, plush hat.

"She's got her parlour an' her plush suite in Loughborough," said her husband with just pride.

We sat on a plush sofa in the parlour of his house in Baker Street.

On the sofa the velvet and plush pillows were embroidered with mottos and flowers.