Deluxe [adjective]

Definition of Deluxe:

superior, plush

Synonyms of Deluxe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deluxe:

Sentence/Example of Deluxe:

If you require four-wheel drive to get where you’re going, and don’t care about deluxe sleeping arrangements, take a truck.

They are releasing a deluxe edition of their 2012 Christmas album.

This deluxe volume will explore her remarkable life and career through 175 of her best-loved songs.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the game's first 8-bit adventure is getting the re-release treatment, either as a basic digital version or with a deluxe, physical collection of booklets, maps, and more.

Today, many companies manufacture deluxe, anniversary, or other special-event editions of their games.

She looked young and fresh, and adorably dainty; an ideal bride deluxe.

His books were issued in deluxe, limited editions, and were for public libraries, the shelves of nobility or rich collectors.

She got a super-deluxe fur coat—Martian tekkyl, no less—out of that Mackenzie River power deal.

In the downtown section of the city, the girls found a small cafe which advertised a deluxe dinner for one dollar.

Although the lodgings were hardly deluxe, I did not mind the experience.