Unhelpful [adjective]

Definition of Unhelpful:

useless, insignificant

Opposite/Antonyms of Unhelpful:

Sentence/Example of Unhelpful:

It is good for nothing else that I know of: strong; but unhelpful and unthoughtful.

All I did actually say was commonplace and unhelpful enough.

In southern Gaul, as it happens, archaeological remains are unhelpful.

And to this man she must present herself, late, penniless and unhelpful.

He was a young man from Montpelier, just beginning to practise, and very mysterious and technical and modern and unhelpful.

So Mary Wing's conqueror and her unhelpful friend went by at half a foot.

It is good for nothing else that I know of; strong, but unhelpful and unthoughtful.

"I don't know," he replied, appearing more helpless and unhelpful than he really was.

So we have allowed the Bible to become antiquated and remote, venerable and unhelpful.