Fustian [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Fustian:

He wrote and read, and smoked and wrote, rising early, and talking fustian.

Even in fustian garments nobility hides with difficulty from keen and suspicious eyes.

Yes, there were swells here, ball-room coxcombs in fustian and felt.

Return to his bedroom, throw off the clothes, beat the featherbed, see that the fustian and sheets are clean.

The knight is first dressed in a doublet of fustian, lined with satin, which is cut with holes for ventilation.

This satin was to keep the roughness of the fustian from the wearers body; for he wore no shirt under it.

Many penalties and forfeitures are laid on the persons who so treacherously corrupt honest fustian.

He frequently calls them "absurd," and applies to them such epithets as "jargon," "fustian," and the like.

Some of our own contemporaries we hate particularly; Cobbett, for instance, and other bad fellows in fustian and corduroys.

It was open, and in it lay the body of a young man, wearing the smockfrock of a rustic, and fustian breeches.