Arrogant [adjective]

Definition of Arrogant:

having exaggerated self-opinion

Opposite/Antonyms of Arrogant:

Sentence/Example of Arrogant:

We don’t need to get into the details but if you want to read up on him, just do a search for de Blasio and then “arrogant” or “hypocrite” or even “schmuck.”

A recent lawsuit had laid bare the reality of the upper management at the company, a boys-only club of powerful and arrogant men with outsize egos in an echelon that even the most competent and talented of women had trouble reaching.

The other side of the coin of this glowing account is that Nigerians are also seen as arrogant people coming from a corrupt country who have exported their corruption abroad in the form of internet scams.

They did not engage with this investor or his firm ever again, but the exchange was the most egregiously arrogant and dismissive example of a whole set of responses they received from the predominantly male venture capital class.

It had been arrogant of me to think we could stroll up to some of the least-studied birds in Northeast Asia and assume they’d hand us their secrets.

Despite the arrogant manner of his address, Garnache felt prepossessed in the newcomer's favour.

Parr was an arrogant old coxcomb, who abused the respectful kindness he received, and took his pipe into drawing-rooms.

Because of his enormous wealth and arrogant manner, he was nicknamed "King" Carter.

The most ferocious and arrogant Mindanao tribes occupy regions within easy access of the coast.

How vain, how arrogant the babblings of the sectarians who tell us that the book of revelation is forever closed!