Egotistic [adjective]

Definition of Egotistic:


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Sentence/Example of Egotistic:

Just now I can't remember whether it was at the special invitation of H. 3rd or my own egotistic urge.

She was not a particularly unselfish girl, but no one who heard her then ever called her egotistic afterward.

For the egotistic garrulity of the author there is, in fact, no more fit occasion than in the final pages of his book.

The first were egotistic, the second wholly unjudicial, the third laboriously and tediously reminiscent.

Our temptation is to be egotistic and self-centred; to want to approach God alone with our private needs and wishes.

They tell me I walk daily to the edges of myself and stare into horrible-sweet egotistic abysses.

Another wretched woman has the simple egotistic mania that she has caused the duel.

State of soul is, as Doctor Schulze has observed, simply the egotistic human vanity for state of body.

He is forever boring his friends with these egotistic lamentations.

I ought not speak that way, it sounds egotistic, but I am old enough now to be excused for that.