Obsessive [adjective]

Definition of Obsessive:

mentally maladjusted

Synonyms of Obsessive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obsessive:

Sentence/Example of Obsessive:

The most common of these obsessive acts is washing with water (washing obsession).

Throughout his literary activity it has an obsessive hold on his mind.

Soukanhoff was right in warning the obsessive to beware of pedantry.

Their obsessive striving for the man proves to be determined by their restless flight from the woman.

Retrospective worry can be absolutely eliminated from the most obsessive mind by the practice of the veteran's philosophy.

Not infrequently the obsessive diner so long hesitates before giving his final order that the waiter brings the wrong dish.

This brings us to a form of insanity which the obsessive may well bear in mind, namely, that known as manic-depressive.

Such maxims are quite as worthy of consideration by the obsessive as any of those previously cited.

Henceforth she was full of sorrow, moody, tormented her husband with this obsessive idea, and renounced all joy and happiness.

In fact, a remembered dream is as important as an obsessive idea and has the same meaning.