Choked [verb]

Definition of Choked:

smother, block

Synonyms of Choked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Choked:

Sentence/Example of Choked:

There was the usual massacre, but this time the trees were cut down and the wells choked up.

On either side the carnage had been terrible, and the pathways of the village were literally choked with the dead.

Malcolm choked back the hard words that rose to his lips, and sought such local information as the ryot could give him.

He was shot by a man of the 32d, and his body formed the lowermost layer of a causeway of corpses that soon choked the ditch.

It is hopeless to number the slain that strewed the field of battle, choked the Bannock, or floated down the Forth.

There was a grand turn-out of drawers of rubbish, all over Margaret, raising such a cloud of dust as nearly choked her.

I couldn't, for a bunch came in my throat and choked me, and my head seemed to open and shut on the top when I thought of you.

"We'll not tell them," replied this tiny piece of Eve; and the fire almost choked itself with spluttering laughter.

But the good doctor did not finish the sentence, as he choked badly in his effort to talk and eat at the same time.

There were tears in her eyes; her voice choked a little, but she stood proud and steady, the great princess still.