Drown [verb]

Definition of Drown:

submerge in liquid; submerge and die

Synonyms of Drown:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drown:

Sentence/Example of Drown:

If they were submerged for longer, the plants might have drowned, Armitage notes.

One can imagine the captain of the Titanic insisting on pointing out that 900 people didn’t drown.

Any student of modern math must know what it feels like to drown in a well of telescoping terminology.

Nala is Ophelia, Simba’s love, though thankfully she doesn’t go mad from being ignored by him and drown.

It could be how I so clearly remember the night I almost drowned.

Like past instances, the campaign started in a chaotic manner with Emperor Barbarossa losing his life by drowning while crossing the Saleph River.

Consequently, I haven't been very bright, though I am gradually coming up to the surface again, for I'm pretty hard to drown!

He noticed the date on the hotel calendar, and realised that the Fates had another ten days in which to drown him.

"If you had been Reff you wouldn't have run away and left me to drown," went on Coulter, stubbornly.

And the noise it makes is something terrific, I assure you—loud enough to drown half-a-dozen pianos.