Douse [verb]

Definition of Douse:

drench, extinguish with liquid

Synonyms of Douse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Douse:

Sentence/Example of Douse:

For several nights they advised me to "cut out the higher education, douse that light and come to bed."

They had but to lie close and to douse the lights (which they were quick to do) and their safety was assured.

"Douse my top-lights but that's the truth," said the mate, making an effort with his confined hands to salute his officer.

The second douse was flung quickly; he became confused, rushed into the captain's berth, believing he was making his way on deck.

To that end an occasional little douse of civil war will be a helpful expedient.

Gladly I bade him come along, figuring that his pilotage would give me a better chance of avoiding the dreaded "Douse."

“And tell Johnson to douse him with a few buckets of salt water,” he added, in a lower tone for my ear alone.

Now it happened that Leach was one of the sailors told off to douse Mugridge after his game of cards with the captain.

I'll try it, doctor; but, 'twixt me an' you, I doubt ef anybody on the lot'll have the courage to douse 'im.

You can lend a hand with the powder or pass the water buckets to douse the fire if she gets ablaze.