Submerge [verb]

Definition of Submerge:

dunk in liquid

Synonyms of Submerge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Submerge:

Sentence/Example of Submerge:

Was it possible to submerge the cable in the Atlantic, and would it be safe at the bottom?

But it had been impossible even for grief to submerge the sweet youth in her.

Would that it could broaden and increase to a general deluge, and submerge the world!

Have we not all our deluges in private that submerge our world in tears?

For six miles in the narrows it is too shallow for a submarine to submerge.

I decide nevertheless not to submerge, as our courses must soon diverge.

We decide not to let it come any nearer, and give the alarm to submerge.

Too late the astounded and terrified Huns sought to submerge.

Take care of the scuttle; don't let them close it down, or they'll submerge and drown us.

Then submerge them under two inches of soil at a temperature of seventy degrees.