Obliterate [verb]

Definition of Obliterate:


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Sentence/Example of Obliterate:

It would be vain for him to try to obliterate the traces of his priesthood.

Could he but obliterate as completely the dread reckoning of another world!

I should turn my ray upon you and obliterate you immediately.

Was he, at last, ashamed, and trying to obliterate the memory of his jealousy?

He moved toward it very carefully, in order not to obliterate any footprints.

A thousand years have no power to obliterate the difference.

And there the waves sweep in and obliterate his foot-prints forever.

Civilization modifies this division of labor, but cannot obliterate it.

At any moment they might take it into their heads to swarm over Cunningham and obliterate him.

Who that has known its long anticipated joy can ever obliterate it from memory!