Ax [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Ax:

Victor was the younger son and brother—a tete montee, with a temper which invited violence and a will which no ax could break.

From somewhere in the thicket below a muffled thump, thump, thump came up to them, as though some one was wielding an ax.

The blows of the ax, off in the chaparral, were louder in their ears now, and they could hear a mumble of voices.

Gregory picked up an ax as he stepped back, and then stood confronting the boys threateningly.

The ax was to sever the head from the lifeless body, and all the headless trunks were to be interred together.

Their long hair was cut from their necks, that the ax, with unobstructed edge, might do its work.

The victims were dragged from the carts, and the ax rose and fell with unceasing rapidity.

The poor old man, more dead than alive, was conducted upon the scaffold and placed beneath the fatal ax.

The plank fell to its horizontal position, bringing her head under the fatal ax.

The river like a liquid ax is continually cutting away the foundations of the city.