Can [noun]

Definition of Can:

container, usually metallic

Synonyms of Can:

Opposite/Antonyms of Can:


Sentence/Example of Can:

From Bungay in Suffolk comes the news that a water-wagtail has built its nest in a milk-can.

When he waded past Captain Can-dage he heard the old skipper trying to comfort the girl, his voice low and broken by sobs.

He kept his worms there, between his cap lining and his hair; it saved the trouble of a bait-can.

"Mind old Jerry's ghost doesn't catch hold of you," cried her waggish brother Jack, as she crossed the threshold, tea-can in hand.

Bob, Bob, massa him want can-noo go see great big ship mighty quick.

"I can smell something in this weather that's worse than scorched-on hasty pudding," stated Captain Can-dage.

He felt that he could show something tangible and hopeful to the parties whom Captain Can-dage might be able to solicit.

He feels about with his hands and finds the flint, and steel, and the tinder, and kindles a small fire under the tea-can.

Hurriedly taking off her bodice, she crouched at the boiler while the water ran slowly into her lading-can.

The dance in question, which the Gold Hill editor describes as "a higher order of the famous 'Can-can,'" is new to us.