Tin [noun]

Definition of Tin:

bundle; whole

Synonyms of Tin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tin:

Sentence/Example of Tin:

Then he tossed his tin dishes away and they fell clattering on the rocks.

A tin cup and a cracked pitcher of spring water stood on the window-sill.

The cooking was done in a tin basin on the top of the hot stove.

On top of the barrel was a tin coffeepot, a china cup, and half a loaf of bread.

I played with clay gods and goddesses instead of tin soldiers.

They are to be had of various sizes and prices at the tin stores.

Most of these were made of pewter or lead, but some have been found of silver gilt, latten, and tin.

Others were drinking out of shells, tin goblets, and leather cups.

You tell me about the man getting dead and I'll give you the tin thing.

It's a tin Lizzie, but you don't haf' to tell her what it is till I get her into it, do you?