Package [noun]

Definition of Package:

bundle; whole

Synonyms of Package:

Opposite/Antonyms of Package:

Sentence/Example of Package:

She drew a package from the locker and looked at it ruefully.

She tried to replace the package of letters exactly as she had found them.

Something connected with the package of letters in your lap?

Rosa bent suddenly forward, and placed the package in Dilly's lap.

Pete tied the package, wiped his hands, and went heavily out.

And a package of compressed vegetables and a few bay leaves.

In the name of the law I shall open this package to ascertain exactly what is in it.

The Doctor drew a package of papers from an inner pocket, and ran them through.

"Something for you, Miss Morton," he said, and placed the package in Ruth's hand.

Duvall observed that the package had upon it a typewritten address.